Mystic Sleep's Powerful Ingredients

Mystic Sleep's potent formulation works continuously to regulate sleep-wake cycle to promote, deepen, and extend sleep. Key ingredients include extracts of:

Ashwagandha - Supports healthy hormonal balance and helps the body deal with debilitating conditions through restorative sleep.

Gotu Kola - Promotes natural relaxation and deep sleep by keeping your circadian rhythm in tune.

Dwarf Morning Glory - Supports healthy brain function, restores sleep psychology, faciliates restorative sleep, and improves general health.

Jatamansi - Reinforces natural sleep-wake cycles and regulates cyclical surges of growth hormones secreted nocturnally which affects sleep patterns.

Cardamom - Supports healthy respiration, clears mental fatigue, calms nervous strain, diminishes anxiety, and relieves stress - clearing every cloud of inconsistency from your mind.

Long Pepper - Fosters sound nutrient absorption, promotes physical and mental health, enhances longevity, and improves defense mechanisms of the body.

Celastrus - Supports peaceful state-of-mind, rejuvenates the mind, and allows people to endure emotional and physical stress better.

Shatavari - Sustains healthy nervous system function and nurtures the reproductive system while strengthening and nourishing tissues throughout the body.

Put these powerful extracts to work for you -- try Mystic Sleep today!