Mystic Sleep's Customer Testimonials

Hello, my name is Noah. I want to give an audio testimonial about Mystic Sleep that I have taken for four months now. Initially I found it difficult to fall asleep. And if I do at all, I hardly get enough sleep.

I came across of Mystic Sleep on the internet, and I made an order. Initially when I started taking it, I thought it wouldn't be effective, but I still seldom to eat, I took it. Now I am taking it for four months and I have tremendous improvement in my sleep. Now I sleep at least 5 to 6 hours, and I have a restful sleep.

I have just placed order for another two months, because I hope to complete the six months minimum.

Mystic Sleep has been very wonderful product. Thank you very much.

Noah (age 38) - Rivers State, Nigeria

Hi, my name is Diego. I would be purchasing Mystic Sleep actually for my mom. She has a lot of insomnia problems. And after she took the first box, she said she felt like very rested. She slept a few hours longer than she used to. She used to go without sleep for about almost 2 days. But Mystic Sleep, she says it helps her relax and helps her to have actually deeper dreams. She says actually make her have more energy the next day. So with my dad we've been purchasing the boxes and she ask us to get another one. So I did. I'm very pleased with the product and I'm sure we're going to keep buying so I am going to tell everybody that needs it to get some sleep, that sure will! Thank you guys, thank you so much. Bye.

Diego (age 54) - Florida, USA

Yes, this is Vergil. I have started taking the Mystic Sleep. Before I started taking it, I couldn't go to bed at my normal time, and lay in bed, and toss, and turn, and roll, I could just not relax and go to sleep.

Since I have started taking the Mystic Sleep, approximately 30 days ago, I take it before I go to bed at night, and I am relaxed within a very few minutes, I go to sleep, I rest very well. And I get up the next morning feeling well rested.

And, I surely would recommend it to anyone that has any problem sleeping.

Vergil (age 66) - Kansas, USA

Hi my name is Cthilip. I am calling about Mystic Sleep. I've been taking it for several months. It's wonderful! I've taken sleeping pills in the past and they hadn't work and Mystic Sleep is wonderful. I felt good while I am taking it. I feel good after I've taken it. And I would recommend it to anybody! Bye.

Cthilip - California, USA

My name is Quoi. I ordered the Mystic Sleep for my wife 5 months ago. And so she taking the pills very good for her. She sleep well and now i want to order more from you. Thank you very much. Bye.

Quoi (age 67) - Idaho, United States

I am happy to report that the Mystic Sleep is working very well. I had initially ordered two boxes of it, then stopped it to see if perhaps my sleeping problems were just a temporary imbalance that would pass on their own, but they did not, so I have ordered another four boxes of the Mystic Sleep and within three days of taking it again I was sleeping much better and feeling markedly better during the day.

I will probably use it for several months to make sure that whatever imbalance there is in my system is dealt with thoroughly. I might then consider using one of your products for eliminating toxins from the system in general, as this is likely the root problem for so many of these disorders (I am sure I have accumulated a lot of Ama in my system as it has been several years since I last did any panchakarma or anything on my own to really eliminate these toxins).

Thank you,


Phone Testimony from John (Age 71):

Before taking Mystic Sleep he had severe headache and rashes.

He had sleepless nights. He had been taking other medicines it did not help.

After taking Mystic Sleep the Headache and Rashes are all gone.

Now he has very sound sleep and he still taking Mystic Sleep.

I look forward to using your products and have already noticed an improvement in sleep since starting using Mystic sleep.